S&S to publish new title by Spiderwick author

<p>Simon &amp; Schuster UK will be publishing a new series from the illustrator of the <em>Spiderwick Chronicles</em> called The Search for WondLa.</p><p>The series is by writer and illustrator Tony DiTerlizzi and the first book, also entitled <em>The Search for WondLa</em>, will be published in September. Simon &amp; Schuster US bought world rights to the series.</p><p><em>The Search for WondLa</em> was described by the publisher as &quot;a totally original space-age adventure&quot;. It is about a young girl called Eva Nine, who has been raised underground by a robot. When her home is destroyed by intruders, she goes above ground for the first time in search of other humans. </p><p>The book features illustrations by DiTerlizzi and &quot;augmented reality&quot; pages, where readers with a webcam can access exclusive content. </p><p>Ingrid Selberg, children&#39;s publishing director at Simon &amp; Schuster UK, said: &quot;Tony&rsquo;s books have always been very successful and warmly received here and I am confident that <em>The Search for WondLa</em> will exceed Spiderwick&rsquo;s top track record.&quot;</p><p>DiTerlizzi said: &quot;When I first conceived of The Spiderwick Chronicles, I imagined a story from the<br />past coming forward to the present. In The Search for WondLa, I am bringing a story back in time from the future. My vision is to create a 21st century fairy tale.&quot;</p>