S&S to publish Gordon Brown's take on the financial crisis

<p>Simon &amp; Schuster has bought a book by former prime minister Gordon Brown on the global financial crisis.</p><p>The book will be published worldwide in November. It will be published by S&amp;S in the UK, the firm&#39;s Free Press imprint in the US and its publishing units in Canada and Australia. Simon &amp; Schuster bought world rights from Philippa Brophy of Sterling Lord Literistic for an undisclosed sum.</p><p>The book, as yet untitled, will look at the events that led to the world financial crisis of 2008 and how world leaders took steps to avoid further disaster. S&amp;S said the book &quot;will also offer measures Brown believes the world should adopt to regain fiscal stability&quot;.</p><p>Ian Chapman, m.d. of Simon &amp; Schuster UK, said: &quot;We are very pleased and privileged to be publishing Gordon Brown&rsquo;s book on the global financial crisis and its aftermath. In what will be an important and controversial book, with clarity and insight, Gordon Brown provides an intimate account of the financial and political events as they unfolded, whilst vigorously putting forward solutions to the problems that still affect the world today.&nbsp;This is a most exciting global publishing opportunity.&quot;</p><p>Martha Levin, executive vice president and publisher of Free Press, said: &quot;We are excited to publish this work by Gordon Brown whose book offers a unique perspective on the financial crisis as well as innovative ideas that will help create a sound economic future. </p><p>&quot;This book will help readers understand what really has happened to our economy. Perhaps only Gordon Brown could have written a book that would accomplish that.&quot;</p><p>Brown said: &quot;We now live in a world of global trade, global financial flows, global movements of people and instant global communications. Our economies are connected as never before, and I believe that global economic problems require global solutions and global institutions. </p><p>&quot;In writing my analysis of the financial crisis, I wanted to help explain how we got here, but more<br />importantly to offer some recommendations as to how the next stage of globalisation can be managed so that the economy works for people and not the other way around.&quot;</p><p>All profits from the book will be donated to charity. </p>