S&S plans unmissable Collins' launch

S&S plans unmissable Collins' launch

Simon & Schuster is repackaging three of Jackie Collins’ backlist titles ahead of her latest novel, Goddess of Vengeance.

The publisher said it is giving an “international bestselling brand” look to the titles, Hollywood Wives, Lethal Seduction and Lovers and Players. The books will be released in paperback on 17th March, priced £7.99. Married Lovers will follow on 14th April. Each paperback will feature the author’s name and book title in gold or silver foil. Suzanne Baboneau, Simon & Schuster publishing director, said: “We want to make her unmissable and ensure the brand is seen everywhere.”

Goddess of Vengeance will also be published on 14th April and marks the return of Lucky Santangelo, the heroine of Collins’ previous books including Chances and Lucky. The book is about Santangelo’s battle to keep control of her casino amid interest from a Middle Eastern billionaire. Baboneau said: “Jackie does what she knows best:  creating a world of glamour, beauty, wealth, success but she is a clever, clever storyteller and unparalleled in the way she choreographs her page-turning plots.”

She added S&S was hoping to target a new audience for Collins with the fresh design of the jackets. She said: “We are going to recruit readers from other authors, i.e. Jilly Cooper, Penny Vincenzi, James Patterson and Danielle Steele as well as other new readers who are looking for the very best in pure storytelling and have not yet discovered her.”

Goddess of Vengeance will be backed by a publicity campaign including interviews with the Guardian, Daily Mail, Sunday Express and Sun. Collins is scheduled for appearances on “The Paul O’Grady Show”, “Loose Women” and “The Alan Titchmarsh Show”. S&S will also advertise the book across national rail, women’s magazines and the London Underground.