S&S launches audience-building unit for authors in US

S&S launches audience-building unit for authors in US

Simon & Schuster in the US has launched North Star Way, a new “publishing unit” to help current and future authors build audiences and to generate revenue through publishing and other avenues.

North Star Way will have an editorial focus on non-fiction, particularly self-improvement, inspiration, mind, body and spirit, motivation, wellness, and business inspiration and leadership.

In addition to publishing books, services it will offer include sponsorships and business partnerships, online courses, seminars, mobile applications, podcasts and more.

Led by vice president and publisher Michele Martin, North Star Way is searching for “client-authors”, described by Martin as entrepreneurs, experts and inspirational figures, “sometimes even well before they have written a book – with whom we can partner to build an audience and generate revenue, whether it be from publishing or other sources”.

Martin continued: “Our name reflects our mission for both readers and authors: to publish books that will help readers find the path to a better life, and to be a guide for our authors, not only through the publication of their books but also in the many other activities that can help their message find the widest possible audience.”

Carolyn Reidy, president and c.e.o. of Simon & Schuster, said: “For authors today a successful career can often mean full-time engagement in extra-to-publishing activities, and with North Star we aim to help our authors identify outlets for their message, to continually grow their profile and their overall business.

“North Star Way is a new business model for publishing that consolidates and expands upon many of the services and capabilities that Simon & Schuster has been developing over the last few years.”

Titles already acquired by North Star Way include On Fire by John O’Leary, an inspirational work by the survivor of a near fatal childhood accident in which he was burned on over  98% of his body, being published in spring 2016, and two books by teenage entrepreneur and motivational speaker Maya Penn, to be published in summer 2016.