S&S to launch Gallery Books imprint in UK

S&S to launch Gallery Books imprint in UK

Simon & Schuster UK is to launch a new adult non-fiction imprint next year, Gallery Books. 

The arrival of the new imprint will see S&S UK split its publishing into two separate structures. Gallery Books will become the home for commercial non-fiction, including popular culture, lifestyle, zeitgeist and celebrity publishing, while S&S will retain serious non-fiction, including history, current affairs, business, sport and memoir. Scribner will continue to host a handful of curated literary non-fiction titles every year. 

Gallery Books already exists as an imprint in the US. 

Holly Harris, publishing director of non-fiction, will head the list and acquire for both S&S and Gallery Books UK.

She said: "Since arriving at Simon & Schuster in July this year, I have been so impressed by both the brilliant books on the list and the excellent team here. The breadth of our publishing is fantastic, and under these new imprints we will be able to give our growing list even greater clarity and focus.

"I have long admired Gallery Books in the US, steered by senior vice-president and publisher Jennifer Bergstrom, and I am thrilled that we are able to use their name to give sharper definition to our list. Simon & Schuster is a fabulous imprint, a destination list for serious non-fiction, where we will continue to forge a cultural agenda and work with the very best authors in their fields. On the Gallery Books list, we will have the room to flex our commercial muscles, publish brilliant people and contribute to important conversations with an edge, voice and purpose.

"I am excited to be recruiting a new commissioning editor to bring a fresh angle to our publishing and, with the excellent team already in place, help our non-fiction publishing go from strength to strength. Simon & Schuster globally has a rich history of evolving with and leading the market. With our recent bestsellers and key acquisitions, it feels like the wind is in our sails in non-fiction, and I cannot wait to see what the team achieves with this new structure," she added. 

The adult non-fiction editorial team will also have the freedom to commission new titles into both lists. The team comprises deputy publishing director Ian Marshall; editorial director Fritha Saunders; senior project editor Fran Jessop; project editor in non-fiction and Scribner Kaiya Shang and editorial assistant Sophia Akhtar. There are currently vacancies for a new non-fiction commissioning editor and a six-month contract for a non-fiction project editor.

Suzanne Baboneau, m.d. of the adult publishing division, said: "This is an exciting moment. We strive always to punch above our weight in a highly competitive and constantly evolving market, and Holly’s arrival has cast a fresh perspective on how we can best reach our full potential. The creation of Gallery Books in the UK gives us added flexibility in terms of commissioning and reach. We will continue to work with all our US sister imprints, from Simon & Schuster, Scribner and Atria Books to Avid Reader Press and, of course, Gallery Books. We look forward, too, to continuing to build our UK-originated adult non-fiction list, investing strongly in both imprints and playing to our considerable strengths."

Ian Chapman, c.e.o. and publisher at S&S UK and International, said: "I too am delighted about this new venture in our adult non-fiction publishing. The two imprints will complement each other beautifully.  By offering a third destination imprint for our local UK publishing we intend to broaden our non-fiction publishing and we have a highly talented and experienced team in place to achieve great things."

The new structure will be implemented from 2021.