S&S buys memoir of woman forced to give up her baby

<p>Simon &amp; Schuster UK has secured the rights for a memoir about a young woman forced to give her baby up for adoption in 1962.</p><p>Kerri Sharp, senior commissioning editor of non-fiction, acquired UK &amp; Commonwealth rights to the book from Ben Mason at Fox Mason for an undisclosed fee.<br />&nbsp;<br />In<em> The Baby Laundry for Unmarried Mothers</em>, Angela Patrick recounts her experience as a young woman sent to a Catholic home for those who become pregnant out of wedlock. Her son was taken away from her at birth and put up for adoption, with the two only reunited 30 years later.<br />&nbsp;<br />The book will be published as a paperback original in spring 2012. Mason said the story was &ldquo;a real eye-opener...[like 2002 film] the Magdalene Sisters set in north east London but with a happy ending&quot;.</p>