Square Peg signs Dope Black Dads founder Harrison

Square Peg signs Dope Black Dads founder Harrison

Square Peg has acquired an "essential" guide to positive, life-affirming and joyful Black fatherhood from Marvyn Harrison, the founder of the international community and podcast Dope Black Dads.

Mireille Harper, commissioning editor, bought world all languages rights from Oscar Janson-Smith at Kruger Crowne. Dope Black Dads is slated for 2nd June 2022. 

On Father’s Day in 2018, Harrison created a WhatsApp group with all the Black fathers he knew — 23 people at the time — to wish them a happy Father’s Day. This small group chat grew to become a community; a hub for knowledge-sharing and support, with the network discussing co-parenting, cohabiting, marriage, fatherhood, blended families and much more. Dope Black Dads is now a community of more than 45,000 across the UK, US, South Africa and beyond, sharing their personal stories, journeys and life lessons derived from their experiences of being Black fathers.

In Dope Black Dads, Harrison will bring to light his experience of Black fatherhood, discussing his journey to becoming a father, his relationship with his own father, and the narratives around Black fatherhood, bringing in fellow fathers such as Tinie Tempah, Mark Maciver, Raphael Sofoluke and Sean Fletcher to share their stories, wisdom, advice and fatherhood hacks.

Harrison, who also recently penned a deal for his first children's book, commented: "It is an honour to present this book with and on behalf of so many incredible Black fathers from around the world. The more we read it and receive feedback the more I can’t wait for everyone to read it and understand more about the experience of Black fatherhood. Equally important to the content and stories, we are excited to work with Square Peg and specifically Mireille Harper, who has been an amazing coach to my writing process and who has fought to keep it true and authentic to us as dads, as well as something our families can be proud of."

Harper added: "I am delighted to be publishing this phenomenal debut from Marvyn Harrison. Dope Black Dads will showcase the joys, learnings, trials and tribulations, and life lessons that come with being a Black father. As an avid listener of the 'Dope Black Dads' podcast, I loved how frankly Marvyn and fellow fathers spoke about their experiences. This collaborative effort from Marvyn and fellow DBD members emphasises the importance of connection and community when it comes to parenting and fatherhood. I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to bring this to life in book form."