Square Peg acquires 70s Dinner Party in 5-way auction

Square Peg acquires 70s Dinner Party in 5-way auction

Square Peg has acquired 70s Dinner Party by Anna Pallai, a book that "applauds" all that is wonderfully "downright naff" in retro 70s dining, following a five-way auction.

Publishing director Rosemary Davidson acquired world rights all languages in a deal made with Becky Thomas at Johnson and Alcock.

The book has been inspired by the Twitter account @70s_party of 15.4k followers that celebrates "the good, the bad and the downright ugly of retro food". The book will similarly take the reader through the "flamboyantly preposterous staples of seventies cuisine".

Davidson said: "We’d been taking inordinate pleasure in Anna's 70s Dinner Party and we are so happy to be working with Anna on her book. It brings pangs of nostalgia as I remember my mum’s attempts at ‘posh’ dinner party food, but it’s also going to be the perfect kitsch gift for our Gen-Instagram and Twitter kids. Show them some proper food!"

Pallai said: "I've had lots of fun making people feel ill with my Twitter feed so I'm delighted that Square Peg are going to help spread the disgust even further."

70s Dinner Party will be published by Square Peg in November 2016.