Springer Nature introduces name change policy for trans writers

Springer Nature introduces name change policy for trans writers

Academic publisher Springer Nature has launched a policy enabling transgender scholars and writers to update their name on published works.

It will allow writers to retroactively change their name on their versions of record - the published versions of their work - and associated metadata in all Springer Nature journals, books and conference proceedings.

The publisher said: "Trans authors often face a lengthy and very public process, often with associated personal and professional risk, when seeking to correct their publication record. By providing those authors with the tools and support to do this silently and safely, Springer Nature aims to redress these challenges for authors and to further drive forward the need to eliminate these systemic barriers within the academic community."

The policy seeks to make name changes comprehensive across all relevant search systems, versions of record and associated metadata. However, readers will not be aware that a correction to an author’s name has been made, unless the writer chooses to flag it.

As part of this policy, biographical information, including pronouns and author photographs, will be corrected as needed to reflect the change. Springer Nature will be implementing this policy across all of its scholarly journals, magazines, conference proceedings and books.

Ed Gerstner, director of journals, policy and strategy, said: “As publishers it is imperative that we, collectively, find ways to ensure our academic community feels safe and supported. Not only in the production and publication of their research, but also to ensure that they are properly accredited and recognised for their full body of academic research, which they have contributed to the development of science and society. 

"We are proud to play an active role in making steps towards addressing these challenges and implementing change, but more needs to be done. We remain committed to working with our communities to raise the bar and both support and celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion across our company and through our publications and other activities.”