'Spiral of decline' for Anglesey's libraries

'Spiral of decline' for Anglesey's libraries

The Isle of Anglesey County Council has been warned that its library service faces a "spiral of decline" if it goes ahead with cost with cost-cutting measures.

According to local press, the warning has been issued by the Welsh Assembly Government's museums, archives and libraries body, CyMAL. Anglesey is looking to cut 20% from its £1m library service budget.

A report from CyMAL said: "CyMAL recognises that library services across Wales are facing extremely challenging times. However, it was clear from all evidence presented that the Isle of Anglesey Library Services's situation was of particular concern, the historical lack of revenue investment in the service being particularly apparent."

It added: "The reduced level of expenditure on books and materials impacts directly on the Service’s ability to meet specific Welsh Public Library Standards, again the planned reduction will further exacerbate the situation."

Anglesey has 10 libraries currently. A spokesman for the council said CyMAL's concerns had been referred to to the council executive and senior leadership team, and said further recommendations on the future of the library service would be reported in March.

Warnings have previously been made of major threats to Wales' library services.