Sphere releases 99p activity e-book for readers in lockdown

Sphere releases 99p activity e-book for readers in lockdown

Sphere is publishing a 99p activity e-book for people in need of "affordable distraction" during the lockdown.

Publishing today (8th April), Emily Barrett, editorial director, commissioned Distract Yourself: 101 Positive Things To Do and Learn Whilst You Stay Home, originated and created in-house.

The book contains 101 "uplifting" quizzes, anagrams, poems, riddles, jokes, word games, fun facts and other ideas to occupy readers.

According to Sphere, the book will cater "to those of us who have yet again read the ‘You’re up to Date!’ message on Instagram, who need to escape the news for a little while for the good of our mental health, who have started to bicker with our loved ones and need a way to change the subject, or who are feeling lonely and want to do something fulfilling between video calls".

All of the content is "family friendly", although some of the quizzes requires general knowledge from 12+.

In total it took just three weeks to make, from concept to published e-book.

Barrett said: "We’re in really extraordinary times and whilst we’re all doing the best we can, I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels consistently low-level anxious for a variety of reasons. All of us at Sphere therefore wanted to create a book that would provide positive relief for readers at very little cost to them, so that for a few moments a day they can mute what’s going on outside their home and instead concentrate on something fun, silly or interesting, either by themselves or as part of a group. 

"Everyone’s experiences of lockdown will differ depending on their circumstances but Distract Youself provides something for everyone, whether you live alone, have run out of things to say to your flatmates or partner or need to entertain the kids. The book’s publication follows just three weeks after its inception – reflecting that even during unprecedented times, the team at Little, Brown has the tenacity and resilience to react quickly and positively."