Spanish site offers e-books for five euros

<p>Literary agent Carmen Balcells has brokered a deal to sell e-books by authors such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Camila Jose Cela for five euros each.</p><p>The <em>Guardian</em> reports that an agreement between leer-e, a Spanish book downloading site, and Balcells allows her &quot;select group of authors to sidestep their normal print publishers&quot;.</p><p>The print publishers do not hold the electronic rights to &quot;most&quot; of the authors&#39; works, the article said. As a result, Balcells would be effectively publishing them direct through leer-e.</p><p>A dozen works are available already on the site, with Ignacio Latasa, co-founder of leer-e, estimating 120 would eventually be converted to digital format.</p>