Southcart Books seeks crowdfunding for children's department

Southcart Books seeks crowdfunding for children's department

Newly-opened Southcart Books in Walsall is attempting to crowd fund an all “bells and whistles” children’s department.

Owners Scott Southey and his partner Amy Carter opened the store 10 weeks ago on a small government loan and say the business is performing “so far so good”.

However, the loan ran out before the pair could create the enticing children’s department they desired. As a result, they are looking to crowdfund £2,500 through the website  for four new bookcases, children’s furniture, coffee machine, a centerpiece table and a wheelchair ramp.

“We have had a great reaction from the local community so far to our opening and we just want to finish the children’s department how we really want it,” Southey said.

He added: “We are big, big book lovers and always had a dream of opening a community-based bookshop …with only a small government loan we have taken this project as far as we can, so would really appreciate any help that you  the wonderful public, can offer us.”