Sony and Smashwords offer e-book conversion

<p>Sony Electronics has signed a deal with publishing platform Smashwords, which will enable self-published authors and small publishers worldwide to &quot;go straight from finished manuscript to e-book&quot;. </p><p>From today (29th September), authors and publishers who create an account on Sony&#39;s Publisher Portal can upload Microsoft Word documents of a given manuscript, select their desired form of distribution, and make their book available online &quot;immediately&quot; at The platform does not charge any fees for publishing or distribution services, but takes 15% of the net for all transactions, and return 85% back to the publisher.&nbsp;</p><p>Authors opting in to Sony will have their e-book appear at the manufacturer&#39;s eBook Store within days. </p><p>Mark Coker, who founded Smashwords 16 months ago, said: &quot;We&#39;re thrilled to help power the new Sony Publisher Portal.&quot;&nbsp;</p><p>Sony is the third major online ebook retailer to distribute Smashwords e-books. Earlier this month, Smashwords signed up with Barnes &amp; Noble to distribute e-books to multiple B&amp;N properties including, Fictionwise and the eReader app. In January, Smashwords announced a distribution agreement with Lexcyle, now owned by Amazon. </p>