Solitude for Random House Books

Solitude for Random House Books

Random House Books has bought a book about the importance of spending time alone.

Senior editor Harry Scoble bought UK and Commonwealth rights to Solitude by Michael Harris from Anne McDermid at Anne McDermid and Associates.

Harris’ début, The End of Absence (Portfolio Penguin), explored the ways in which the internet has changed our lives – practically, socially, intellectually and emotionally.

In Solitude, Harris will look more closely at the importance of time spent alone.

Scoble said: “Michael Harris is quite simply a brilliant writer. His work isn’t just well-researched and thought-provoking; it’s also disarmingly honest and incredibly readable. We all feel tremendously lucky to be publishing Solitude, a book for which we have great ambitions.”

Harris said: “Now is exactly the moment when we need a conversation about how and why to be alone; never before has solitude been such a scarce commodity.”