SoA in royalties row with Beautiful Books

SoA in royalties row with Beautiful Books

The Society of Authors has advised members to seek its help before dealing with Beautiful Books, after the publisher was unable to pay money owned to an author since March.

Beautiful Books m.d. Simon Petherick said it will resume paying authors within the next four weeks and has been "transparent" in discussing the issue with its authors. He blamed the cash problem on the high level of returns from Waterstone's during the first half of the year but said the publisher was seeking fresh funding.

The SoA refused to elaborate on a short statement on its website. It said: "Despite many promises, a member has been unable to extract monies owed to her since March by the inappropriately-named Beautiful Books. You are advised to contact the Society before agreeing terms with, or if you are owed money by, this publisher."

Speaking to The Bookseller, Petherick said: "The future is going to be fine. There has been a delay but we have been transparent about that and everyone is OK about it bar one author. But she has asked the Society of Authors to make a fuss about it, which is not highly helpful."

He said the SoA referring to it as the "so-called Beautiful Books" was "childish".