SoA launches Writers as Carers Group

SoA launches Writers as Carers Group

The Society of Authors (SoA) has launched a Writers as Carers Group to coincide with National Carers Week, which begins today (8th June).

The group will help writers with caring responsibilities to carry on writing.

Members will be able to share trips and advice, as well as share and discuss their writing in a private, online environment.

The group was founded by author Jim Green, who is a carer for his wife.

“While I am fully committed to looking after my wife, I am not at all committed to disappearing as a person and although I am, at best, an obscure writer, I didn’t want to give it up altogether,” he said. “A noble sentiment but how, pray? So I went to the Society of Authors and asked them if they could help. Were there other writers who had become carers and, if so, could something be done to help us all to carry on writing if we wanted to? Needless to say the SoA came up trumps.”

SoA chief executive Nicola Solomon, said: “When Jim contacted us, we wanted to help. You don't have to stop being a writer if you start being a carer. National Carers Week has given us the perfect platform to launch this group and to raise awareness about carers. No one should have to care alone.”

Green is the author of a historical espionage thriller series, the first book of which was published in 2012 by Accent Press.