SoA chair slams 'miserly' e-book rates

<p>The Society of Authors (SoA) has reiterated its call for higher e-book royalty rates for authors, describing the current 15% to 25% offered as &quot;miserly&quot;.<br /><br />As reported in <em>The Bookseller </em>last year, the <a href="../news/107092-soa-sets-higher-benchmark-for-author-royalties.html" target="_blank">SoA ran a piece </a>in the December issue of <em>The Author</em>, asking for royalties of at least 75% or 85%.</p><p>Writing for <em>The Bookseller</em> this week, SoA chair Tom Holland said &quot;it is unconscionable that publishers should be attempting to strong&shy;arm authors into accepting fixed royalty rates on e-books for the entire duration of copyright&mdash;and setting them, what is more, at a miserly 15% to 25% of their receipts. . . it is hard to see what it is about the selling of an e-book that entitles the publisher to cream off such an exorbitant share of the revenue&quot;.</p><p>He added: &quot;Publishers seem instead to have constructed a collective wall of silence around their accounting. If not a pre-emptive land grab, then it looks suspiciously like one.&quot;</p>