SoA calls for tax relief on new skills training for authors

SoA calls for tax relief on new skills training for authors

The Society of Authors is calling for tax relief to be extended to writers undertaking training for new skills in response to a government consultation. 

Chief executive Nicola Solomon branded the current rules around tax relief - whereby self-employed people can only claim tax relief for work-related training that updates existing skills - “incoherent” and “in serious need of reform”.

The SoA argued authors were “always in need” of new skills, for example, in areas such as digital platforms, social media, marketing and self-publishing as “often essential tools for authors trying to connect with their readers and reach new audiences”.

“The current rules around tax relief for training are incoherent and in serious need of reform," Solomon said. "It is absurd that training for ‘new’ skills does not qualify – surely the primary purpose of undertaking training should be to learn new skills.

“Authors are especially disadvantaged by the current rules. The world of writing and publishing is constantly evolving, and authors are always in need of new skills to prosper in this changing climate.  

“I am pleased that the government is consulting on changing the current rules. I hope that it listens to the views of authors and other self-employed workers, and takes action to extend tax relief for new skills training.”

The government consultation, considering changing the current rules, is open until 8th June.