Snowbooks links with A&B

<p>Allison &amp; Busby is taking over the trade sales of fellow independent publisher Snowbooks. A&amp;B, which began selling its own titles direct since parting company with sales rep Compass in April 2007, will begin selling Snowbooks titles immediately.</p><p>Snowbooks had done sales in-house since it was founded in 2005. The move will enable the company to free up resources to fully launch SnowAngels, its range of design, layout, Onix and digital services to other publishers.</p><p>Emma Barnes, Snowbooks m.d. said she was excited to be working with A&amp;B to grow their companies. She added: &quot;It&#39;s efficient, smart, collaborative and, most importantly, the best thing for our customers.&quot;</p><p>Susie Dunlop, A&amp;B publishing director, said she was attracted to the &quot;synergies&quot; of A&amp;B and Snowbooks. She added: &quot;The Snowbooks list is a really interesting fit with ours. We publish similar fiction titles but very differently in non-fiction. It gives us a chance to bring a whole new range of tiles to bookshops.&quot;</p>