'Snapchat King' DJ Khaled's debut to Transworld

'Snapchat King' DJ Khaled's debut to Transworld

Transworld is publishing a debut by Amercian hip hop producer and "King of Snapchat" DJ Khaled, explaining the many pearls of wisdom he has posted on social media.

The book, scheduled for release on 22nd November, will reveal Khaled's philosophy for success, featuring stories from his own life to break down all of his "major keys" - the inspirational messages he has become famous online for. 

Khaled was dubbed the "King of Snapchat" on the cover of Bloomberg Business in the US by the senior vice president of Coca-Cola, Emmanuel Seuge, and his posts on the site have amassed 3m - 4m views on average each. They are "inspirational, motivational, and often whimsical" quotes and musings in 10-second self-help sermons which he refers to as "keys", using the key emoji to signify their importance. Examples range from "Be honest but don’t play yourself" to "Don't drive your Jet Ski in the dark".

The book will be written in "the upbeat and positive tone for which he is known", according to Transworld, and it will also discuss the meanings behind some of his famous catchphrases, including “another one”, “securing the bag”, “special cloth alert” and “bless up”. The book will also feature “Mogul Talk” sidebars, consisting of insights gleaned from famous friends including Jay Z, Puff Daddy, Arianna Huffington and L.A Reid. 

Michelle Signore, editorial director at Transworld, acquired UK and commonwealth rights (excluding Canada) from Crown in the US.  Khaled’s collaborator on the book will be Mary H K Choi.

Khaled said it was a book he wished he'd had earlier in his career and that it would help readers to "follow your vision as long as you have passion, dedication, blood, sweat and tears, and especially ignore when they try to bring you down". He added: "Major Key, I wish I had this book when I was coming up."