Smashwords puts books on the Kindle

<p>Smashwords will start supplying around 2,500 of its e-books to the Amazon kindle store from 25th November. The publisher and distributor of independently published books has recently signed agreements with Barnes &amp; Noble, Sony and Shortcovers. Smashwords will begin shipping ebooks to Amazon on 25th November and the books are expected to begin appearing in the Kindle store some time in December.<br /><br />Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords, said: &quot;By providing our ebooks to the Kindle store, Kindle customers can conveniently discover, sample and purchase thousands of ebooks from Smashwords authors and publishers.&quot;</p><p>Smashwords currently publishes and distributes over 4,800 original ebooks from 2,200 independent authors and approximately 80 small independent publishers. The publisher and distributor will include e-books which have been included in the Smashwords Premium Catalog, which comprises 2,500 titles.</p>