Sky cans Book Show

Sky cans Book Show

Sky has bid farewell to "Mariella's Book Show", (formerly "The Book Show"), hosted by Mariella Frostrup.

The final instalment of the show aired on Sky Arts on 20th June.

On the programme, Frostrup interviewed guests including Michael Chabon, William Boyd and Claire Tomalin.

In a statement, a Sky spokesperson said: "Sky Arts is constantly evolving as a channel, and we are doing everything we can to bring customers a wide range of arts programming, with more original drama and comedy alongside coverage of the visual arts, opera, theatre and music. Books will always have a place on Sky Arts, and we’re extremely grateful to Mariella for her brilliant work on 'The Book Show'."

In April, the BBC's arts show "The Review Show", which regularly featured books and authors, was moved from a 30-minute slot on Fridays on BBC2, to a monthly, hour-long slot on BBC4, moving from a time of 11pm to 8pm. However, the BBC revealed that it lost 80% of its audience in the move, with the final series on BBC2 attracting 376,000 viewers, while the new show on Sundays attracted only 76,000 viewers.

Last year, Channel 4 broadcast "The TV Book Club", a weekly show where celebrities discussed a chosen book each week. The last episode to air was in April 2012.

Frostrup is also the presenter of BBC Radio 4's "Open Book".