Vintage's Skidmore takes new editorial director role as Adam-Smith leaves

Vintage's Skidmore takes new editorial director role as Adam-Smith leaves

Nick Skidmore has been appointed to the newly-created role of editorial director for Vintage Classics and catalogue following the departure of Hattie Adam-Smith.

Skidmore now reports to Vintage publisher Rachel Cugnoni in a new position which aligns responsibility for Vintage’s Classics publishing and more than 6,000 titles in its catalogue division of frontlist fiction and non-fiction. 

He first joined Vintage as an editorial assistant in 2017 before progressing to editor and was then made senior editor two years ago. 

Former Vintage Classics editorial director Adam-Smith joined the division in July 2019, after previously being The Bookseller’s acting marketing director. She now manages marketing for female-run creative consultancy Amigas after leaving Vintage in March.

Skidmore said of his new role: “Having worked across the Vintage and Vintage Classics for the past few years, I’m thrilled to be taking the reins of the new Vintage Classics and catalogue team as editorial director. Since its relaunch nearly 15 years ago, Vintage Classics has established itself as one of our most dynamic and creative Classic lists, and it is an honour to be able to take the list forward in ways that meet the exciting challenges of the future.

"By bringing our Classics and catalogue lists into close alignment under one team, we can ensure we bring the same degree of imaginative curation and strategising to our backlist publishing as we do our Classics publishing, and that is an asset that will mark Vintage out as a dedicated, lifelong publisher for our trailblazing authors and their books.” 

Cugnoni said: “I am very excited about the appointment of Nick Skidmore to the role of Classics and catalogue editorial director, a new role which brings these two essential pillars of the Vintage division together into one department for the first time. He is extremely talented and bright, and ambitious both for the role and the books."

She added: "I look forward very much to working together with him and the rest of the team, bringing creative flair and commercial rigour to bear on our world-class lists of classics and catalogue.”