Six jobs go as Ripley closes London office

Six jobs go as Ripley closes London office

Six people have been made redundant following the closure of the London office of publisher Ripley.

The publisher moved its editorial functions to Orlando in America from the start of this month (1st February).

The change means half a dozen people have been made redundant, with the redundancies taking effect on 31st January.

Dean Miller, managing editor of Ripley, said the closure was brought about by the retirement of Anne Marshall, the publisher of Ripley’s for the last 10 years, who has decided to pursue other interests, including writing. Following Marshall’s decision, Ripley’s “decided to transition the publishing team to our headquarters in Orlando”.

“We will continue to publish our books in the UK,” said Miller. “We are currently working with Random House to build excellent market-focused products for Ripley’s fans in the UK. We also published a children’s annual for the UK market with Pedigree this past holiday season.”

Random House has a license to publish Ripley’s books, which was renewed in 2008.

The Ripley's Believe It or Not! 2015 annual has sold 152,233 copies through Nielsen BookScan.