Nature editor-in-chief Campbell moves to Springer Nature

Nature editor-in-chief Campbell moves to Springer Nature

Sir Philip Campbell, who has been the editor-in-chief of scientific journal Nature for the past 22 years, is moving to a new role as editor-in-chief of Springer Nature in the summer of 2018.

Campbell has been responsible for Nature's journals, and in developing a prize to recognise excellence in scientific mentoring in different countries, now in its 14th year. Following the merger in 2015 of Springer Science+Business Media with the majority of Macmillan Science and Education to form Springer Nature, he was also responsible for the foundation and delivery of the Springer Nature Editorial Advisory Group, which oversees and creates editorial policies and standards across the organisation.

In his new role, Campbell will focus on Springer Nature’s work as a global publisher, taking a leading role in editorial strategy and development, using "an advisory, thought leadership and research community-centric approach". He will also represent Springer Nature externally at the highest levels, connecting with key external experts, policy leaders and decision makers. The aim is "to stimulate editorial content development to ensure Springer Nature’s continuing impact on research, the health of research, research communities and on societal relationships and impacts".

Steven Inchcoombe, chief publishing officer of Springer Nature, said Campbell would leave behind a "strong legacy". 

"Phil has been an exceptional leader of Nature and ambassador for the research community over the past 22 years," he said. "He will leave behind a strong legacy and his presence as editor-in-chief will undoubtedly be sorely missed by both staff inside the organisation and the broader external community. Editors-in-chief of Nature are few and far between, with only seven in the journal’s 148 year history, which indicates the significance of and prestige associated with the role."

Campbell said working as the editor-in-chief of the journal had been "the most extraordinary privilege".

"It is with some sadness that I move on from a position that allowed me to engage with researchers, funders, policy-makers and others for the good of science, as well as to work with an array of talented editors, journalists and others to produce a publication of such renown," he said. "I am, however, delighted that I will continue to work with these vital communities going forward in my new role for Springer Nature, one which I hope will support the organisation’s ongoing aspiration to be the world’s most progressive and trusted publisher."

Springer Nature has initiated a search for a new editor-in-chief of Nature and Nature Research.