Silvertail to publish Hunter's Azima biography

Silvertail to publish Hunter's Azima biography

Silvertail is releasing a biography of the mysterious aviation magnate Farhad Azima, written by the independent's own publisher Humfrey Hunter.

Flight of Fancy — Farhad Azima's Web of Deceit will follow Azima from his time as a plucky cargo airline operator during the last days of the Shah of Iran through to a recent court case brought against him by the government of Ras al Khaimah, one of the seven United Arab Emirates, over the end of their business relationship.

Silvertail, which holds world rights to the book, had originally planned to publish it in March but will now release the book in August due to the pandemic.

A spokesperson said: “Farhad Azima has had an extraordinary life, beginning in Iran in the middle of the last century, moving to the US and establishing himself in business in the 1970s, at which point he started making political connections among both Democrats and Republicans. In the 1980s things really became interesting, as he was implicated in the Iran Contra scandal and he is believed to have worked for the CIA. 

“How this all leads to him being cross-examined in a court room in London in early 2020 is a fascinating story, full of twists and turns and which gives us a rare insight into how the globalised world of business, political power and military might have interacted over the past 50 years.”