Shrink's 'relateable' weight-loss guide to Aster

Shrink's 'relateable' weight-loss guide to Aster

Octopus imprint Aster has acquired a weight-loss programme from psychotherapist Philippe Tahon based on mindfulness techniques and positive thinking. 

The book, entitled Shrink: The Diet for the Mind, promises step-by-step guidance to help readers break the dieting cycle, regain their confidence and "learn how to eat what you like while losing weight for good". The author, a former restaurateur, draws on his own experience of gaining five stone in five years before shedding it all in less than a year after selling up and retaining as a psychotherapist. He has since "remained happy and healthy" for 17 years.

Stephanie Jackson, publishing director at Octopus, who acquired world rights, all languages from agent Carly Cook, said of Tahon's programme that it allowed people to "'think like a shrink', understand why they’re overeating and reprogramme their minds so they can achieve their goals without resorting to calorie counting or exercise regimes".

She added: "It’s a smart approach in a perennial category – from someone whose experience and expertise are both highly respected and hugely relatable."

Shrink: The Diet for the Mind will publish on 27th December 2018 at £9.99.