Short stories publisher launches

<p>A new company, Commutabooks, has been launched, publishing special short digital books that are designed to be read in a single commute.<br /><br />The short books and poems can be bought in the Apple App store and downloaded on to iPhones and the iPod Touch. Two titles have so far been released, priced &pound;1.19, with a further four due in the next couple of months. <br /><br />Tom Evans, creator of Commutabooks, said the first title - his own work, entitled <em>100 Years of Ermintrude - </em>had been published in January, with reviews describing it as &quot;a great book to commute with&quot;. </p><p>The books incorporate audio tracks. Evans said the titles worked particularly well for books that have an accompanying CD. &quot;It&#39;s really playing to the strengths of the device,&quot; he said. &quot;People are loving them - the very nature of the app allows people to email them round and Tweet about them.&quot;</p>