Short Books acquires Taylor's guide to 'reversing Type 2 Diabetes'

Short Books acquires Taylor's guide to 'reversing Type 2 Diabetes'

Indie publisher Short Books will publish Life Without Diabetes by Newcastle Diet creator Professor Roy Taylor. 

Publisher Rebecca Nicolson acquired world English rights for Life Without Diabetes from Jaime Marshall at JP Marshall Agency. It will be published in December 2019. North American rights have been sold to HarperOne.

The book is the culmination of four decades of research and medical practice by Taylor, who created what has become popularly known as the Newcastle Diet. He explained his aim was to “help people understand the ultimate simplicity behind how diabetes works, so that they truly understand how to rid themselves of it and regain complete health”.

He said: “Over my four decades of medical practice, I cannot recall how many patients have asked me not only 'What do I do?' but also 'What has happened to me--and why?' This book will be the answer, and I am delighted to be working with the excellent people of Short Books to share it with everyone.”

Nicolson added: "We are thrilled to have bought the world English rights to Professor Roy Taylor's book, Life Without Diabetes. It is the definitive book on type 2 diabetes by the doctor who has found the key to reversing the world’s fastest growing disease.”