'Maestra' follow-up from Bonnier Zaffre

'Maestra' follow-up from Bonnier Zaffre

Bonnier Zaffre is publishing the sequel to L S Hilton's MaestraDomina is the second of three psychological thrillers set in the art world by L S Hilton, Glamour magazine’s 2016 Writer of the Year, publishing in the UK on 23rd March. 

The plot follows "sexy, smart and very, very bad" heroine Judith Rashleigh, as she moves from Venice to St Moritz, with promises from the book's publisher it will be "deliciously decadent" as well as "gripping".

Mark Smith, chief executive of Bonnier Zaffre, commented: “We’re thrilled to be publishing the deliciously decadent, gripping and smart second book from bestselling author LS Hilton. Moving as it does from the beauty of Venice to the glamour of St Moritz in pursuit of another brilliantly realised plot from the art world, this book will leave Maestra’s many fans totally satisfied – although it will certainly surprise them too."

Hilton added: "It's fabulous to be back with Judith- and I hope readers will find her sexier, more surprising and more subversive than before!”

Nielsen BookScan's TCM has recorded 47,890 copies sold of Maestra, with 37,585 of those in hardback. The hardback was published in March and the paperback came out last week (8th September). Bonnier said it had sold 40,000 e-books and 40,000 hardbacks of Maestra "and early signs are looking promising for the paperback too". The publisher put worldwide sales at "approximately 500,000."

Maestra is being adapted for the screen by the writer behind the film adaptation of Paula Hawkins' The Girl on the Train (Doubleday), Erin Cressida Wilson, with TriStar Pictures.