Seventeen libraries in Bristol threatened with closure

Seventeen libraries in Bristol threatened with closure

More than half of Bristol’s libraries have been slated for closure as the City Council attempts to make £4.7m worth of savings, Bristol247 has reported.

Under the proposals, the number of libraries will be reduced from 27 to 10 and the opening hours of the remaining libraries will be slashed.

Bristol mayor Marvin Rees has admitted that the £4.7m worth of cuts will have a “noticeable impact” on local services and people.

"We’re not in the situation we would have chosen and we’re in agonies about passing budgets that will affect people", Rees said. "We are remaining committed to the visions we have for our city, but we are having to deal with the austerity that has been passed down to us. We’re working within the confines of a smaller budget, but we want to give the city a financially competent local authority.”

However, deputy mayor Asher Craig has stressed that the proposed cuts are not yet certain and that the closures are not a "forgeone conclusion".

“These are only proposals, and we feel that communities are better placed to make some of these decisions that will be best for their areas", Craig said.

Eight public consultation events will be taking place across Bristol, the consultation will end on 5th September.

Former libraries minister Rob Wilson, who suggested intervening in library closures in Swindon and Lancashire, lost his seat at the General Election last week. A new libraries minister is yet to be named.