Seven Stories becomes National Centre for Children’s Books

Seven Stories becomes National Centre for Children’s Books

The Seven Stories museum in Newcastle upon Tyne has changed its name to the National Centre for Children’s Books.

The move, approved by Arts Council England following a “rigorous assessment”, makes the institution the only place in North East to achieve the "National" title.

Seven Stories opened in 2005 and hosts exhibitions of unique collections and also holds learning programmes.

Kate Edwards, chief executive at Seven Stories said: “British children’s literature is internationally acclaimed for its inventiveness and creativity. Its ability to inspire and to change the lives of its readers is well understood.  That a National home for children’s books was pioneered, supported and built here in the North East is an achievement we can all be proud of.”

She added: “We will work hard to meet the expectations and responsibilities that National status brings us. The title does not automatically bring new funds, so support from our friends to help us to save, celebrate and share our literary heritage for children with children and families today, and for future generations, will be important in the years to come.”