Seven Dials ushers in Gene Eating

Seven Dials ushers in Gene Eating

Orion imprint Seven Dials is moving on from "clean eating" by publishing Gene Eating, a "pioneering" debut by Cambridge Geneticist Dr Giles Yeo, also a presenter for "BBC Horizon".

Amanda Harris, publisher of Seven Dials, bought World rights from Charlie Brotherstone at Ed Victor to publish the book in the new year on 10th January 2019.

Harris predicted the book, by connecting the science of our genes to the biology of our food intake, would shed new light on obesity and weight-loss, calling it a "game changer" within the health book market.

"I have long been an admirer of Giles’ fascinating work," she said. "His critically acclaimed 'BBC Horizon' episode sparked a national debate about dieting and clean eating, and this important book will prompt a significant rethinking for the diet industry. Gene Eating will throw into question everything we understand about the world’s obesity epidemic and our obsession with dieting and weight-loss. It will be the industry’s game-changing health book of 2019."

Yeo is the principle research associate at the University of Cambridge and has dedicated over two decades studying how genes influence people's eating habits. He commented: "Just so we’re crystal clear, this is NOT a diet book. It contains no diet-plan designed to make people lose weight and me lots of money. This is, in fact, an Anti-Diet book. Consider it a structured diatribe against dietary misinformation backed by bad (or no) science."