Seven Dials scoops 'extraordinary' memoir by Attenborough cameraman Thurston

Seven Dials scoops 'extraordinary' memoir by Attenborough cameraman Thurston

Seven Dials has scooped the “extraordinary” memoir of veteran "Our Planet" and "Blue Planet 2" filmmaker Gavin Thurston, with a foreword by Sir David Attenborough.

Commissioning editor Emily Barrett acquired world and dramatisation rights direct from the author. Journeys in the Wild: The secret life of a cameraman will be published on 5th September.

“He is a vivid writer with an ability to describe scenes with great economy and unflinching accuracy,” writes Attenborough. “Here is the literary equivalent of the visual ‘making-of’. I sometimes meet people who tell me – with the intention of being entirely complimentary – that they enjoy making-ofs even more than the programmes to which they are attached. I would not be entirely surprised if some might feel the same about the following pages.”

Thurston, who has been a wildlife photographer for more than 30 years, has worked on 17 of Attenborough’s series, including Netflix’s recently released "Our Planet". He has travelled and filmed on all seven continents and at both North and South Poles. While filming for "Blue Planet 2" he was in the submersible that set the world record for the deepest dive in Antarctica.

Barrett described the book as full of “beautiful, exciting and very funny memories”. She added: “His anecdotes show a changing world and will remind readers that we all need to push our governments harder to stop climate change – but they also show mankind’s ability to be better. While animal populations have declined and habitats destroyed, Gavin has also witnessed greater protection of animals in the wild and understanding of what they need to thrive. This book reminds us that it’s not over yet – we are still in the driving seat, and there is still hope. I am very proud to be publishing Gavin’s timely message. It’s a truly extraordinary book.”

Thurston saidd: “I scribbled feebly for years until finally I was spurned to real action when Emily Barrett from Orion Publishing Group contacted me out of the blue. Encouraged by her interest and enthusiasm I signed a contract and got writing. I’m embarrassed that it’s taken me so long. The book took a natural diary format but I have mixed up the storytelling into themes rather than being purely chronological. Apart from sensitive locations I have also added the map coordinates so that readers, if so inclined, can zoom right in on Google Earth to share my travel experiences from their armchairs.”