Serial killers' daughter Mae West signs memoir

Serial killers' daughter Mae West signs memoir

Seven Dials is publishing the memoir of Mae West, the eldest surviving daughter of serial killers Fred and Rose West.

World rights in the book, authored by West in collaboration with screenwriter Neil McKay, were bought by Amanda Harris, publisher of Seven Dials and Orion Spring, from Paul Stevens at Independent Talent. Entitled Love as Always, Mum xxx, it will be published on 6th September 2018 in hardback.

It took 20 years before West was ready to write her memoir, telling the true story of an abusive and violent childhood, of her serial killer parents and how she has rebuilt her life in the shadow of their crimes.

Drawing on her own memories, research and the letters her mother wrote to her from prison, West's account is described as "shocking", "emotionally powerful" and "moving". As a toddler she was locked in the basement, as a teen she had to fight off the sexual advances of her father. In her tale of survival, according to Orion, she goes on to answer the questions: how do you accept that your parents sexually tortured, murdered and dismembered young women including your own sister? How do you become a mother yourself when your own mother is a violent monster, and why were you spared when so many died?

Harris said: "Mae West’s story of survival is as shocking as it is moving. Mae, Fred and Rose’s eldest surviving daughter, endured a childhood of abuse, both sexual and physical, and emotional coercion in a void of parental care. But the strength of the human spirit could not be dulled by the horrors of Cromwell Street. Mae has broken the cycle of abuse and, with the mutual love and support of her siblings, deals with her terrible memories and the loss of her murdered sister in the shadow of her parents’ unspeakable crimes. This gripping memoir, written with one of the UK’s most celebrated screenwriters, Neil McKay, is a must-read."