Seven Dials to publish 'bitesize' activism guide

Seven Dials to publish 'bitesize' activism guide

Seven Dials is publishing F**k the Establishment, a book for budding activists and the second in an in-house series from the Orion imprint.

F**k the Establishment: 101 ways to get your voice heard and change the world will be published on 2nd May. It follows last August’s release of F**k Plastic: 101 ways to free yourself from plastic and save the world which has more than 40,000 copies in circulation across 18 countries, with rights deals sold for a further three.

The publisher says the new title will be a positive, practical book with humorous black and white illustrations accompanying 101 simple tips and tricks to “get your attitude in gear, treat change like business, rally your troops and strategise your success”.

Commissioning editor Emily Barrett explained the book was not just about big issues and protests. She said: “There are a number of amazing books on activism set to publish this year – this is the bitesize version for people who want practical tips on how to effect change, no matter how big or small their cause is.”

She added: “This book is going to empower everyone who doesn’t like something in their school, university, workplace, community, country etc to do something about it, and show them the best way forward to achieve the change they desire.”