Seven Dials lands Vinnie Jones' memoir of love and loss

Seven Dials lands Vinnie Jones' memoir of love and loss

Seven Dials has won world rights at auction to Lost Without You, a book from the footballer turned actor Vinnie Jones about coping with the loss of his wife, Tanya, after her six-year battle with cancer. Jones said he had written the book "to honour the life of my extraordinary late wife, Tanya, and to help people going through grief find a way forward".

Publishing in all formats on 3rd September, the book has been described as "beautiful and significant" and is hoped to make a difference to the way men, in particular, talk about grief and tragedy. It follows Jones' appearance on ITV’s "Good Morning Britain", durign which he spoke about his grief publicly for the first time. 

Lost Without You was bought from Alex Segal at InterTalent Group, on behalf of Alex Cole at Elevate Entertainment, in a "hotly contested" auction, and it marks publishing director Vicky Eribo's first acquisition for the Seven Dials list.

Eribo said: "It is rare to find a book that elicits such a strong and emotional reaction throughout the team. Vinnie’s 'Good Morning Britain' interview was so incredibly powerful and moving; I am full of admiration for the strength he showed, and continues to show, in sharing his vulnerability so candidly. I don’t think the impact this has had on men and women around the country can be underestimated. I am truly honoured to have the opportunity to publish this book and help take Vinnie’s memories of Tanya to the wide audience they deserve. I hope this will be a book that helps people in the depths of the unspeakable find an outlet for their grief."

Jones said: "Losing Tanya has been the worst thing that has ever happened to me and her family and friends, but I don't want her loss to be in vain; she would have wanted all of us to help others navigate their grief because she was always trying to help people in her own life. I'm very proud to have written this book, and I hope it both honours who Tanya was, and gives comfort to readers who have lost someone."