Seven Dials acquires Jewish resistance story from van Iperen

Seven Dials acquires Jewish resistance story from van Iperen

Orion non-fiction imprint Seven Dials has acquired a “life-affirming Holocaust story of Jewish resistance” from ex-lawyer Roxane van Iperen.

Publisher Amanda Harris bought UK and Commonwealth rights from Fiona Baird and Tracy Fisher at WME on behalf of Oscar van Gelderen of Lebowski Holland. The High Nest will be published on 14th November 2019.

The High Nest was one of the largest hideaways in the Netherlands during the Second World War. It was run by sisters Janny and Lien Brilleslijper, who were part of the Dutch Jewish resistance and survivors of the Nazi death camps. Van Iperen and her family moved there in 2012 when she began piecing together its story, finding memoirs by Janny Brilleslijper, historic interviews and having conversations with the sisters’ children.

Harris said: “I was immediately captivated by Roxane van Iperen’s compelling story of female bravery and Holocaust survival. The High Nest shares a unique and affecting perspective on the solidarity of sisterhood, of courage in the face of unimaginable brutality and the humanity that can spring from the very darkest corners of history. The book has been a bestseller in the Netherlands and I know that success will be reflected in our publication.”

Van Iperen said: “I am both grateful and excited that Amanda Harris and Seven Dials are bringing The High Nest to a UK audience. Not only because it provides an extraordinary narrative of Jewish, female resistance in Nazi-occupied times, that we know little about, but also because I feel the Brilleslijper sisters' vigour and zest for life can be an inspiration for many.”