Service manuals for new Sony Reader leaked

<p>Service manuals for two new Sony e-book reader devices, the PRS-300 and PRS-600, have appeared on the internet, including basic specifications and photographs.</p><p>According to website ChannelWeb, the PRS-300 digital book reader includes memory of about 440 MB, with a battery life measuring about 7,500 pages in Sony&#39;s proprietary broadband e-books format, the BBeB, or about 6,800 pages in the ePub format.<br /><br />The PRS-600 has a memory of about 380 MB and a battery life of about 7,500 continuous page turns with the BBeB and EPUB formats. Both readers assume the user reads at one page per second.<br /><br />Both the PRS-300 and the PRS-600 have a USB connector. The PRS-600 also seems to have slots for an SD memory card and a Memory Stick Duo.<br /><br />The photo of the PRS-300 shows four buttons and an iPod-type wheel, plus 10 buttons arranged vertically down the right side of the device. The PRS-600 seems to have a touch-screen display and five buttons on the bottom of the screen.</p><p>The leak follows <a href="../news/92887-sony-plans-to-launch-wifi-reader-ahead-of-kindle.html" target="_blank">reports</a> that Sony is planning a September launch for its new e-book reader.</p><p>Both devices offer more memory and battery life than the PRS-505 model, which is sold in the United Kingdom.&nbsp;</p>