Serpent's Tail acquires 'Italian Booker-winner'

<p>Serpent&#39;s Tail has acquired the title that won this year&#39;s Italian equivalent of the Man Booker Prize.<br /> </p><p>World English rights to <em>Stabat Mater </em>by Tiziano Scarpa, which won the Premio Strega, were bought by publisher Pete Ayrton directly from Francesca Manzoni at Einaudi, the Italian publisher of the novel.<br /><br /><em>Stabat Mater</em> is set in 18th-century Venice and is written as a letter to the unknown mother of an orphan. The orphan, Cecelia, is a talented violinst and becomes Antonio Vivaldi&rsquo;s muse. The title will be published in early 2011.<br /><br />Ayrton said: &quot;Capturing the creative process is for a writer the most difficult of tasks. In <em>Stabat Mater </em>Tiziano Scarpa takes the reader right inside Vivaldi&#39;s music making. Not at all incidental to this process is Venice, which the Venetian Scarpa knows inside out. </p><p>&quot;Like a peach bellini, <em>Stabat Mater</em> is an exquisite aesthetic experience.&quot;<br /><br />Scarpa has previously written other novels including <em>Venice is a Fish: A Cultural Guide</em>, which was also published by Serpent&#39;s Tail. He also wrote a radio play titled <em>Pop Corn</em> which was aired by the BBC.</p>