Serial killer thriller for Michael Joseph

Serial killer thriller for Michael Joseph

Michael Joseph has acquired a thriller about a woman who survived an attack by a serial killer.

Publishing director Maxine Hitchcock bought UK and Commonwealth rights to Black-Eyed Susans, and one other untitled thriller, by Julia Haeberlin from Rachel Kind at Random House in the US.

Black-Eyed Susans follows Tessa, who at 17 became famous for being the only victim to survive a vicious attack by a serial killer, who her testimony helped to put behind bars.
Now, decades later, the black-eyed susans outside Tessa’s bedroom window seem to be a message from the killer. As the killer's execution date approaches, Tessa is forced to uncover the truth about the person who altered the course of her life.

Hitchcock said: “This is a thriller which I literally stalked in order to acquire. Sophisticated and unsettling in the way that The Silence of the Lambs was all those years ago, Julia Heaberlin weaves a picture that – just as you think you are seeing the answer – becomes more and more twisted, more and more intriguing.”

Michael Joseph will publish in hardback and e-book in August 2015.