Security services fail to block book

<p>MI5 and MI6 have conceded they cannot stop the publication of a book on Britain&#39;s security and intelligence agencies even though it is said to contain the names of officers who have not previously been identified, reports the Guardian.</p><p>The courts would not grant an injunction, officials said, because the book, <em>Secret Wars - One Hundred Years of British Intelligence Inside MI5 and MI6</em>, by Gordon Thomas, has already been published, and is widely available, in the US. The book was published in March in the US by Thomas Dunne Books a division of Macmillan.<br /><br />MI5 is publishing a vetted official history by the Cambridge historian Christopher Andrew, due in October by Penguin. While MI6&#39;s official history, by Keith Jeffrey, professor of history at Queen&#39;s University Belfast, is not due to be published until next year (Bloomsbury). <br /><br />Thomas&#39;s book is due to be published in the UK on 4th May.<br /></p>