Second Twitter fiction festival to run in March

Second Twitter fiction festival to run in March

The second Twitter fiction festival, searching for authors from across the world to tell stories in 140-character bursts, will run from 12th-16th March.

The event uses the hashtag #TwitterFiction.

Writers are asked to submit a pitch for a story they would like to tell on Twitter during this year’s festival by 5th February. Official participants will be selected by a panel from the Association of American Publishers, which is running the festival from the US with Penguin Random House and Twitter.

Among last year’s featured authors was British author Lucy Coates, who told 100 Greek myths in 100 tweets.

During 2012’s festival storytellers created characters, crowdsourced plots, used pictures and video to convey narrative, and used multiple handles to weave together tales in real-time.

The festival’s aim is to give “authors of all kinds a chance to bring fiction to life with Twitter, and gives readers a chance to experience fiction in a brand new way”.