Second shake-up at Editis

<p>A top level shake-up at Editis, the second largest French publisher, has been announced, just two months after the last one. The company said that the chairman of parent company Planeta Jos&eacute; Manuel Lara would take over as chairman of Editis, while Alain Kouck would remain managing director and become vice-chairman. Former c.e.o. Kouck became m.d. in January following the first shake-down.<br /><br />The new appointments signal the departure of Christian Br&eacute;gou, who rejoined the company as supervisory board chief last July and became chairman in January. He had helped develop the company over two&nbsp; decades until 1997, when the Havas group was taken over by G&eacute;n&eacute;rale des Eaux.<br /><br />Lara said in the communique that the change, which was aimed to give the board of directors &quot;greater flexibility in decision-making, helps strengthen Planeta&rsquo;s commitment and demonstrates the strategic and permanent character of its investment in Editis&quot;.<br /><br />The staff were not informed of the changes until this morning, a union official told <em>The Bookselle</em>r. &quot;In view of all the problems at Planeta, we feared we might be sold again, at least in part, but it seems this is not the case,&quot; he said.<br /><br />Planeta bought Editis in May 2008, but it understood to be suffering more from the economic crisis than its French subsidiary.</p>