Preface is cooking a Hawksmoor book in time for Christmas

Preface is cooking a Hawksmoor book in time for Christmas

Preface has acquired a new book from Hawksmoor restaurateurs Huw Gott and Will Beckett, to publish this autumn.

Preface will publish Hawksmoor: Restaurants and Recipes to bring the steakhouse's story up to date as part of its 10th anniversary celebrations.

Since the first book Hawksmoor at Home published in 2011, the restaurant has expanded from two sites to seven after the opening of Borough in February 2017 and the introduction of a cocktail bar under the first restaurant in Spitalfields. It is now soon to open the first Hawksmoor outside of the UK in the flagship restaurant space in the new World Trade Center development in New York.

Its new, second book will include recipes from the restaurants, as well as detailed cocktail specs and interviews with the "people who have made Hawksmoor what it is, infused with their unique geeky knowledge [of steak and steakhouses] and sense of fun".

Publisher Trevor Dolby, acquired world rights to Hawksmoor: Restaurants and Recipes from Charlie Brotherstone at Ed Victor Ltd.

Publisher Dolby said the new publication would be "the" book to have this Christmas. 

"Hawksmoor at Home was published six years ago and in the meantime lots has changed but just as importantly lots has stayed the same at Hawksmoor," he said. "It’s been a privilege to remain friends with Huw and Will and to watch the development of Hawksmoor into what has become a much-loved restaurant institution. Huw and Will don’t do things by halves. You can bet that Hawksmoor: Restaurants and Recipes will be the book to have this Christmas."

Beckett and Gott, founders of Hawksmoor, added: "Hawksmoor’s roots lie in multiple failures, an inordinate amount of luck and the kind of naivety that usually leads to bankruptcy. Our 10-year anniversary has led to lots of reminiscing about those early days. The horror moments, the lifelong friendships, the meals... in this book we’ll explore some of these and highlight the people who’ve helped to make it all possible."

The book will publish in hardback priced £30 on 19th October 2017. As with their previous book, all royalties will be donated to Action Against Hunger.