Second Aussie author attacks 'open market'

<p>A second Australian author has written a open letter defending the country&#39;s parallel importation laws. In a letter addressed to the prime minister Kevin Rudd, author Nick Earls argues against an open market. It follows Garth Nix&#39;s open letter published in Australian book newspaper WBN last week.</p><p>Earls writes: &quot;Any price benefits from allowing parallel imports are small compared with the potential harm they could cause. I urge you, in the interests of continuing to see Australian stories told to Australians and around the world, not to allow the parallel importation of books against the wishes of copyright owners.&quot;</p><p>In the past week, according to WBN, the Australian Publishers Association (APA) has met with both minister for the Arts Peter Garrett and Brett Gale, chief of staff to the assistant treasurer and minister for Competition Policy and Consumer Affairs Chris Bowen, to put its case for retaining restrictions on the parallel importation of books into Australia.<br /></p>