Memoir by nephew of 'Killer Countess' to Quercus

Memoir by nephew of 'Killer Countess' to Quercus

Quercus has acquired the rights to a book by the nephew of German 'Killer Countess' Margit Thyssen-Batthyany called Und Was Hat Das Mit Mir Zu Tun? (What’s That To Do With Me?)

The author, Sacha Batthyany, is the great-nephew of Margit Thyssen-Batthyany who has been dubbed the ‘Killer Countess’ in light of a massacre of Jews which took place during one of her dinner parties towards the end of the Second World War.

Batthyany’s "searing" memoir confronts what this story means for his family and himself, revealing how the effects of past conflict and atrocity continue to reverberate through his generation.

Richard Milner bought world English language rights from Tanja Howarth, acting on behalf of Kiepenheuer & Witsch who will publish the book in Germany in Spring 2016. This is the first time that Howarth has sold a book prior to its German language publication. Rights have been sold in a further 10 territories so far.

Anthea Bell is translating the book into English, and Quercus will publish in Spring 2017.