Seamus Heaney app from Faber

Seamus Heaney app from Faber

Faber has released a new app based on Seamus Heaney's translations of Robert Henryson's fables.

Seamus Heaney: Five Fables has been developed as a partnership between Faber, Touch Press which developed The Waste Land app, and Flickerpix, funded by The Ulster-Scots Broadcast Funf.

Readers will be able to read full texts of Henryson's 15th century version of Aesop's fables in his original Scots version, or Heaney's translations. Scottish comedian Billy Connolly reads the translations, while Dr Ian Johnson reads the originals. There are also animations of the fables, academic notes by Dr Chris Jones, and a discussion between Heaney, Connolly and academics.

Nobel Prize-winning poet Heaney, who died in 2013, worked on the Five Fables project before his death, taking a close interest in the development of the app and personally choosing Connolly as the narrator.

Heaney's daughter, Catherine Heaney, said: "It has been a particular pleasure to see this app take shape, as my father collaborated closely on the Five Fables project, and it was one for which he had a special fondness. I think it would have pleased him greatly to see Henryson’s fables come to life for a new generation through these wonderful animations and scholarly insights."

The fables translated are The Two Mice, The Fox, the Wold and the Farmer, The Preaching of the Swallow, The Fox, the Wolf and the Carter and The Lion and the Mouse.

It is available for the iPad, initially for £2.99, going up to £7.99 after one month.