Scrivener joins Bright Group board

Scrivener joins Bright Group board

Richard Scrivener has joined the board of illustrations agency Bright Group International as non-executive director.

In the new role, Scrivener will develop clients’ film, TV and merchandising rights.

He said: “The media landscape is changing beneath our feet, but as an agency I feel Bright is brilliantly positioned to exploit all the opportunities this new market has to offer.

“For us this means looking beyond the traditional UK broadcasters for funding – and not moaning about having to do so. We are not convinced though that You Tube is the answer. Conversations we’ve had so far on Benji Davies Storm Whale (Simon and Schuster), for instance, have been hugely positive for development as an animated half-hour TV special…. The key is to be flexible but true to the creative spirit of the books.”

He joins the Bright Group with immediate effect.

Vicki Willden-Lebrecht, founder and m.d. of the company, said: "I’m delighted to have Richard on board to work alongside and evolve our business. Bright has retained full rights in some, if not all, of our most successful author illustrator books. As an entrepreneur one always bring in people with greater expertise to make new ventures happen.”

Scrivener’s previous roles include commercial and operations director of Templar and publishing director of Scholastic.